First steps

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First steps

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After you create your first lord, you will be taken to the game. The first thing you will see is the "Map view".
FirstScreen.png (706.71 KiB) Viewed 13725 times
You can use the map view to move your armies and keep an eye on your territory.
Let's take a quick look at the interface.

1. This will show a list of all the battles you are engaged in (currently none), all your armies, and all your castles. To select an item, simply click on it.
2. This is the end season button. It will end the current season and advance your kingdom's economy. It takes time to get ready for a new season, but it is a good idea to advance as soon as possible. You can toggle automatic ending of seasons by clicking on the "On/Off" toggle next to the main button.
3. This is the minimap, which provides an overview of the current island you see in the map view. Depending on the island size, the minimap resolution will vary.
4. This shows details about the object currently selected, which is your castle.

Your lord starts inside its castle, so you should first visit that. Switch to "City view" mode by clicking on the castle in the main map (indicated by the arrow), or by double clicking on it in the list from point 1.

Let's take a look at the castle view.
The attachment FirstScreen.png is no longer available
1. This shows the raw materials available in the castle warehouse.
2. This shows the current population of the town, and how many people are idling. In the image, there are 25 people in the the town and are idle.
3. These are areas where new buildings can be constructed. Not all areas offer the same options for construction, so make sure you check out all of them. You should build a new house, to allow your population to grow.
4. This shows the buildings that you have already constructed in the castle and their corresponding level. You can click on any of these to get more information or you can click on them on the main view.
5. This button opens the "City warehouse" view, showing in details the goods stored in the warehouse. This will show all the resources, weapons, quest items, everything, and can be used to transfer items from the garrisoned lord to the city or the other way around.
6. This list shows the lords of the land. Each castle will have at least a lord of the manor, which is the main administrator of the castle, as well as other minor positions. If any of these lords are garrisoned here, you can make them leave garrison by clicking the exit icon indicated by the arrow. This will immediately take you to the "Map view".

Try building a new house. Click on the open slots until you find one that allows you to build a house.
cityView.png (902.13 KiB) Viewed 13725 times
1. Click on the house icon to chose what to build.
2. Shows the raw materials needed to build the house.
3. Shows any special requirements to construct the building. In the image, it says you do not need any prosperity to build it, so it is ok.
4. Click this button to confirm

After you are done with building a house, you should sortie your lord.
houseBuilding.png (629.91 KiB) Viewed 13725 times

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