Patch notes 10/18/2019

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Patch notes 10/18/2019

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All quests are now listed when talking to a quest giver. By default, the list is minimized but the player can choose to expand it, exposing all the quests that can be accepted from the respective quest giver. The unavailable quests will show in their description the missing requirements and show all mandatory quests (if at least one such quest is not completed yet).

Command skills

The lord received two new command skills, “Logistics” and “Vast armies”.
Logistics allows the lord to take in each group more soldiers then it can actually command on the field. These soldiers will not participate in the battle but after the battle will automatically fill the ranks as some of the soldiers that did participate fall in combat. Right from the start, the lord can load 10 more soldiers to each group and then 10 more for each “Logistics” level up to 60 at level 5. In case the battle is lost, these reserve troops are not lost and return with the lord to the castle. This skill should help players go on long campaigns without having to keep returning to the castle to replenish the ranks.
“Vast armies” works similar to “Charisma” and adds another slot to the lord but it does not increase the number of troops that the lord can command on the battlefield. With the addition of this skill, there will be many situations when the player will have to choose which group of soldiers should be deployed and which will remain in reserve. If during the battle one of the soldier groups under the lord’s command is completely eliminated a new one from this reserve can be deployed. The troops in slots provided by “Vast armies” are affected by the loss of the battle, retreat and they participate to the bonuses provided by the “Brotherhood of blood” and “Brotherhood of steel” heroic skills. The lord itself does not count to this cap, so deploying 3 regular soldier groups instead of lord and 2 soldier groups is not actually possible.

Quality of life

With the addition of the “Vast armies” skills it has become increasingly likely that not all troops will be deployed and maybe not even in the order listed in the lord “inventory”. For this purpose, pressing the “Tab” key during the troop deployment phase will select the next soldier group.
Fixed the bug that allowed training of skills that were not yet available, if they were prerequisites of higher skills.
The battle interface was changed so that the soldier numbers appear below the interface, eliminating strange visual artifacts.

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