Patch notes 10/14/2019

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Patch notes 10/14/2019

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Archer changes

The archers will consume can consume more then one arrow for one shot, depending on bow level. Level 1 bows will use only one, and level 5 bows (Orcish bow) will use 5.
Also, the arrow batch size has been reduced by 50% to 24 units and the price has been increased (+2 gold, +1Wood, +1Stone).
To counter this, the archers have become more efficient and their damage has been roughly doubled.
The vast majority of battles after the quests from Myridon contain archers, and losing own archers in archer duels is not really fun. To counter this, the archer has received a 75% damage penalty (more then the 50% vs shield equipped units) vs other archers.
Overall, the NPC archers have been buffed by having their damage doubled and gaining strong resists against player archers, and should encourage the player to sally forth and engage them as soon as possible.
Value balancing

The lord armor “Heavy plate mail” has had its stats changed (+300Hp, -8Evasion, -5Armor) as it has adding too much armor to the lord making it virtually immune to damage.
The plunder drop value has been decreased by 75%.
Gold produced by houses has been reduced by 50%.

Visual and quality of life changes

Selecting an empty slot in town no longer moves the camera.
Added back the “Skip animation” battle button that vanished on the last patch (defect)
Using a summoned portal will now recenter the map on the lord even if the maps are not changed.
In-battle interface will now show how many shots an archer has left (not just the arrow count).

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