Patch notes 3/30/2020

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Patch notes 3/30/2020

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Castle reinforcement

All castles on the PVP maps can be protected by an enchantment. This enchantment is controlled from the barracks window and may help the owner force a confrontation while it is online.
When a castle protected by an enchantment is attacked, after the garrison is defeated, it will become invulnerable and the attacker will have to return after the invulnerability wears off.
In the meantime, the owner has the option to start recharging the enchantment and have the timer run in the opposite direction. This will deactivate the invulnerability and will also make the castle vulnerable to any attacks. The player that put the castle in the invulnerable state by defeating the garrison will receive a notification. So…the defender cannot “sneak” repair the damage. Also, this vulnerable state lasts for 30 minutes, in which no points are added to the enchantment, and for anthoer 60 minutes the garrison will remain vulnerable to being killed.
The amount of points total and regenerated depend on the number of available housing in the city. The number of points consumed to grant invulnerability depends on the number of stationed recruits, troops and actual population of the castle. High population castles will be able to sustain the invulnerability for longer, for the same size garrison.
Hopefully, this will increase online vs online interaction.

Garrison troop size limit

With the introduction of the castle invulnerability, a limit on the number of troops in the castle has been added. The number depends on the barracks level, starting with 10 for no barracks, and then adding 30 for each level of the barracks. The number of troops slots will remain the same.

Siege report and notifications

A new folder in the mails has been added, to contain all the notifications related to the castle enchantment.
The attack/defense reports have been improved to show better historic data of what happened, meaning if the castle was reinforced, plundered, conquered or left alone.

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