Patch notes 11/19/2019

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Patch notes 11/19/2019

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Experience bonus/penalty

While doing battle, each side has a certain troop strength deployed on the field. The balance of the attacker/defender strengths are shown in the battle screen. If the forces are evenly matched, there is no bonus/penalty to experience. If however one side has a lower strength on the field but still manages to win, an experience bonus multiplier that can go as high as 4x will apply. That means, if you choose to fight full force against an opponent, you might get a lot less, where as if you choose to hold back some troops and not deploy all you will get a lot more. For the purpose of this math, the lord unit on the battlefield is intentionally under-evaluated to compensate for the risk deploying the lord involves.

Blacksmith goods changes

The blacksmith will now produce more goods per person for each level of upgrade. The weapon costs and upgrade costs have been updated in a similar way. The purpose of this is to mitigate the use of (easily earned) plunder in the later game to quickly recover armies.
Weapon tweaking

All weapons except for bows now give health points as well as other stats. This will make other builds besides weapon+shield or just spear viable. The warlord mace and warlord axe were affected by this.

On top of this, all axes received a max damage buff. They now have the best damage of their tier, on average, but the damage varies even more. This affects the warlord axe lord weapon.

Mountain visuals

The mountain visuals were given an overhaul. The texture was changed to be a bit more realistic and blending was added between the rest of the terrain and the mountains. Even if not perfect, and definitely not a final version, it is a much needed improvement.

Defect fixes

An issue with sounds that caused CPU overloading after playing for several hours was fixed.

The “Search for bandits” and “Search for moon rocks” quest rewards were lowered. “Search for bandits” reward value was given numerically in gold but was tagged as default wood, and “Search for moon rocks” can be completed too fast for the amount of reward it gives.

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