Patch notes 10/29/2019

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Patch notes 10/29/2019

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A new chat system has been added! The chat is accessed by clicking on the new button next to the notifications button. Clicking the button will show the chat window and allow instant messaging. The player automatically joins the global room (showing all online players), the “Barbarian lands” room if the player has a castle or an army on an instance of that island and also joins the specific room for each unique map (like the Knight domain).

PVP quest path

6 new map templates were added. These maps are similar to the Knight domain in the sense that they are shared between all players on the server. It is therefore possible that pvp will happen.
These maps will each contain one of the quest givers present on the non-pvp maps that existed until now. The first map, leading to Pippi’s hut, is accessible directly from the starting island. Then, the next one will have Ragnar’s hut, followed by Serena’s hut, Nimka, Kitsune and finally Michi’s hut. The last map, containing Michi’s hut, will contain a portal leading to the Knight’s domain PVP map (containing the castle “Knight’s keep”).
All the quests on the PVP maps will give the same rewards as their non-pvp counterparts and after completion will count for the mission chain in the same way. However, the non player characters inside have their number reduced by half and give twice as much experience (basically the same experience as on the non-pvp maps but easier to kill).
No changes were made to the previous quest givers and the player can complete some queste on the PVP maps and some on the non PVP maps (if, for example, one of the maps is camped by stronger players).
It is important to note that the PVP maps have no NPCs on them at all, but contain many mines with huge stockpiles. Even those mines are worth fighting for.
These new maps will have the following access limitations:
1. After conquering the “Desert storm” castle on the “Barbarian lands” map it will no longer be possible to enter the maps containing Pippi, Ragnar and Serena. The portal on the Homeland map will open directly to Nimka’s arena.
2. The player holding the castle on the “Knight’s domain” map will not be able to enter any of these new maps at all.
Of course, it is possible to maintain a presence on those maps by leaving a lord on the map before conquering “Desert storm” or “Knight’s keep” and using a summoned portal to travel to the castle, but the lord caught in such a position might get stuck on that map, as the entrance/exit portals might not work for him.

Knight’s domain

The “Knight’s domain” map has been increased in size and content. There are new mines for all the resources, including gems and excluding stone. These mines do not produce a large amount of resources but they have very large stores. Collecting resources from them on a regular basis should be quite lucrative. In addition, the “Manor” building in the castle will now have a purpose.
There are now 4 quest givers on the maps, allowing the player to accept new missions quicker, regardless of the location of the previous mission.
As before, the “Knight’s domain” is a PVP map where all manner of PVP is allowed.

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