Patch notes 6/17/2020

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Patch notes 6/17/2020

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New main story quest

In order to be allowed to conquer the castle on the “Knight domain” map, a player must first complete a special quest, “Proof of Strength: Knight” available at the Mitchi quest giver (either on the PvP map or on the Barbarian/Uncharted map).
This one time quests is very difficult and requires 50 Knight mark of valor items to be accepted. The marks are consumed when the quest is accepted, and even if the quest is canceled they are not recovered.
To get the marks, the player must complete Mitchi (or Knight Mission Post) quests that give it as a reward.
Once the quest is complete, the player can take control of one or multiple Knight castles.
Additionally, completing one such quest will spawn a new Knight map, reducing the competition for the Knight castle. This is in preparation for introducing the next castle in the game, on the Baron domain.

Demo version

In preparation for the upcoming Steam release, a free demo version has been prepared. Players of the demo version cannot accept (and complete) the new “Proof of Strength: Knight” quest. That effectively prevents them from owning a Knight level castle (or above). All other content is still accessible.
Demo accounts have access to microtransactions as usual, and purchasing a certain amount of crystal or using a certain amount of crystal will upgrade the account to a full account. Since player to player crystal transactions do not (yet) exists, the players must purchase crystal (or the game from Steam) to upgrade.

New unit count display in battles

The unit count display in battle has once again been changed. It now shows up below the unit inside two hexagons of specific color. The hexagons show the total group remaining hp (the outer one) and the unit remaining hp (inner one).
This is done to eliminate clutter on the battlefield.

Siege battle terrain graphics

The environment on the siege battle terrain was enhanced with some decorative vegetation.

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